Some Top Tips For Effective Stain Removal

Cleaning is a tiresome task, but scrubbing away grime and washing dishes are relatively easy to do. Vacuuming carpets and washing the shower are frustrating and tiring, but not particularly difficult. One cleaning task that can be daunting and irritating for almost all individuals is that of stain removal. The irritation lies in the fact that many stains are difficult to remove, and sometimes the attempt to remove the stain results in making the stain worse. This article will provide some tips on how to tackle this cleaning challenge and effectively remove stains.

1. Removing Blood With Water And Saliva


Blood stains are notorious for being one of the most challenging stains to remove. Irrespective of the type of produce used, it seems that blood stains will only become worse as you continue scrubbing. Furthermore, if the blood is not attended to almost immediately there is a great chance that the surface affected will be discolored permanently. One method to reverse this clotting and staining process is to dip the area in cold water. Cold water will rehydrate the blood and loosen its hold on the object. Once the stain is moist, it is possible to begin cleaning with the appropriate products.

Although saliva is generally not used as a cleaning agent, it can be highly beneficial for removing blood stains. By using the saliva of the person whose blood has caused the stain, it is possible to break the compounds in the blood and dissolve the liquid. It is important that the saliva used is from the person in question as it will contain the enzymes needed to deconstruct the chemical bonds within the blood. The simplest method to apply saliva is via a dry cloth inserted into the individual’s mouth, left for approximately ten minutes, and then used to blot out the stain.

2. Removing Lipstick With Hairspray

As useful as cosmetic products are, they can have a disastrous effect on clothes if they stain-removal-lipstickcome into contact with the item. Foundation or cover-up is an item that causes problems, but it is easily removed and rarely leaves severe stains. Lipstick, however, is another story altogether and can be disastrous when brought into contact with almost any object. One unlikely product that can be used to effectively remove a lipstick stain is hairspray. The chemical compounds within the hairspray are able to dissolve the lipstick and reduce its hold on the object. After spraying a thick coat on the lipstick, wash the stained area with soap and water. Place it in the laundry and after laundering, the stain should be removed.

3. Remove Ink Stains With Lemon Juice

Lemon-Juice-stain-removal-tipWhile ink stains are not as common as previous years, they are still experienced and can be difficult to remove. As with blood and lipstick, it often seems that the more rubbing you do the larger the stain becomes. An unlikely solution to ink stain removal is the use of lemon juice. By using a lemon juice paste with one part lemon juice and one part detergent, apply to the stain and leave for thirty minutes. This will allow the juice to draw out the ink and remove its hold on the object. After the thirty minutes, wash the item normally and dry. If the stain is still evident, repeat as necessary.

Here’s a quick video with another stain removal recipe you can use …

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