Common Types of Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Specialized Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial properties, especially restaurants, call for specialized cleaning equipment in order to quickly and efficiently clean large spaces. With numerous types of cleaning equipment in the market, it is usually hard to know what to choose. This post looks at some of the common types of commercial cleaning tools along with their benefits.

Pressure Washers

These are machines that use high-powered steam of water to get rid of stains and dirt. They are especially ideal for cleaning concrete regions such as walls, patios, and walkways. They can ideally be used to clean cars, Lorries, and caravans. Pressure washers come in various shapes and sizes. They are additionally ideal for d-greasing commercial kitchens.


These are large machines with a rotatory sweeping head located underneath the front of the machine. A sweeper is controlled by a driver who sits on a commercial sweeper and use a driving wheel to steer the device. These are especially useful for cleaning vast outdoor areas like the pavement outside a huge commercial place or on roads.

Carpet Cleaners

These cleaners have the ability to remove stubborn stains from almost any carpet area. They are quite essential when it comes to cleaning as they are one of the best devices to remove hard to budge stains without the need to replace the carpets.


Scrubbers are designed to clean stains from hard floored regions. They are ideal for use in huge commercial buildings that have wood or marble flooring. They come in either sit on form or handheld form. The type to choose depends on the size of the region you need to clean.


A polisher is another essential equipment when it comes to commercial cleaning. A polisher is able to turn a dirty hard floor it a brand new in a timely fashion. Polishers are usually used in institutions such as universities, schools, museums and hospitals. Sit on polishers are perfect for larger spaces while handheld polishers are used on relatively small areas.

Vacuum Cleaners

As we all know, a vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt from both carpeted and hard floors. Commercial vacuum cleaners are usually more powerful than household vacuum cleaners. They are ideally packed with numerous features that allow you to reach and clean unreachable areas. There’s also wet vacuum cleaners that are used to suck up water. Others come with a dry and wet function to allow you to switch between your preferred modes easily.

Italian Restaurants That Rank Among the Best

Michellin star rating

Connoisseurs of good food know very well what it means to visit a restaurant accredited with Michellin stars.

The hallmark of fine dining and restaurants is reflected in the Michellin star rating.

These stars make it very easy for us to recognize the best in the trade today. The Michellin Guide’s star ratings are to food what Oscars are to movies. There’s not one restaurant that would risk losing the star ratings, as it can have significant impact on their business. Since the early 1900 Michellin, which is originally a tire company, has been reviewing restaurants. Today, it is the gold standard in fine dining.

In this post, I’ve used Michellin stars as guide to make a list of some famous restaurants in Italy.


Osteria Francescana

massimo-bottura-osteria-francescana-ranks-restaurantRanked No.2 among the Top 50 restaurants of the World in 2015, Osteria Francescana is a mystery to many. In a very short time it has earned three Michelin stars. If that is not enough, it has also been ranked as the best restaurant in Italy. This non-descript restaurant in Modena is serviced by Massimo Bottura, the wonder chef and culinary genius. People from the UK, Singapore, Chicago and Australia throng this restaurant that is rated higher than the best American restaurants.


Club Del Doge Restaurant

Terrace-restaurant-club-del-doge-italyThis is the place in Venice where people celebrate traditional Italian culinary. This is also the place that gives birth to new tradition.

The restaurant has a stunning location on the Grand Canal of Venice, and is the ultimate destination for culinary delight. Sitting on the terrace on the water front, it is wonderful place to enjoy the best of the traditional and innovative delicacies. The enchanting and exquisite food together with the ambience makes an unforgettable experience.


Da Vittorio

da-vittorio-restaurantWhen you visit Busaporto, make it a point to be at Da Vittorio Relais & Chateaux resort. More precisely, do not miss out on Da Vittorio restaurant.

Among its cuisine, langoustines from Mazara Del Vallo and meat from Piedmont should be on the must have list. It’s not a wish but it’s a desire that has to be fulfilled. Then only you would know why the restaurant has earned three stars from Michellin.


Combal Zero

combal-zero-restaurant-italyLocated in Rivoli, this two Michellin star restaurant ranks among the best in its own merit. Barbecue sweetbreads and squid Bolognese are innovative Piedmont cuisine that bears the marks of Chef David Scabine.

David loves to experiment with texture, ingredients and temperature, and these dishes are true examples of his culinary expertise. He excels in presenting closely resembling menus that spell totally different gastronomic experience.


Enoteca Pinchiorri

enoteca-pinchiorriThis restaurant in Florence is synonymous with a lady who has made it to the book of records.

Chef Annie Feolde is the first woman to ever win Michillin stars. She has won three stars for her innovative Italian cooking.

Pumpkin flowers, risotto of fregola, and a rack of lamb crusted with dry fruits are not to be missed!


There are many more that I could add to the list, but these are the very best that you must try first!

Restaurant Maintenance and Janitorial Tips

Restaurant Kitchen Crews Are Much More Efficient

Restaurant kitchen cleaning is a tough job. There has to be a system in place for sure. Many restaurants that close down for the day find their employees doing hours of work after everything is said and done. What about those restaurants that stay open 24 hours a day? While restaurant employees do clear throughout the day, there is going to be grease buildup that will need attention.

floor-cleaningWhile the floor is going to be the last thing washed at the end of the day, it is something that has to be maintained throughout the day as well. Think about all that grease that gets on the floor. That’s why a De-greaser is one of the most widely used chemical solutions used in restaurants. It’s not just used on floors, but floors are a priority because you have to prevent slips and falls.

Have your staff clean a little as they are working

Restaurant employees are constantly moving about quickly throughout the day to get food prepared and out to customers. Spills and stains must be attended to Grease buildup must sometimes be eliminated at different times during the day. It can depend on the type of restaurant, but that goes for all methods. As mentioned, each restaurant needs a system or checklist, and employees must know their duties and responsibilities for keeping the restaurant up to par.

Depending on how much business your restaurant gets, your employees don’t always have the time they need to get this done. For many different reasons, you may want to outsource, especially when it comes to closing time. If you own a restaurant, are you starting to see a need for outsourcing your commercial needs?

Consider this for a moment. Your employees are working hard all day cleaning as they go. They get done, are tired, and then you want them to do the end of the day splash too? They are on the clock but tired out. How good a job do you think they will do? It would take them twice as long to do the job as it would third party professionals.

You could simply have a night porter or crew come in once a week or a couple window-cleanertimes a week instead of every night, too. It all depends on how much needs to be done and what would make the most financial sense for your business. Look into how much you would have to pay a crew regularly to handle such a project. Then compare it to the extra money you’d be paying your employees to stay after hours to do the job.

The cleaning checklist for closing down a restaurant is much different than deep cleaning anyway. Even if you continue to have your employees handle this task, you’re going to have to get down to the deep cleaning every so often. It’s all about maintenance.

Use safe Solutions

You also want to pay close attention to the solutions that are used. You want the most effective products, and you want to make sure they are used wisely. There are often younger employees in restaurants who may misuse chemical solutions. If directions are not followed its possible these solutions may be wasted by overuse and over application. Always follow directions.

commercial-restaurant-kitchen-deep-cleanAs a restaurant owner, you want to make sure keeping the kitchen expense doesn’t cut too deep into your profits. At the same time, you need it done. The last thing you want is the health inspector to come in there and give you a bad grade. So, what is going to be your approach?

Certainly, you want your employees to know what to do. However, you might want to go ahead think about outsourcing much of the deep-cleaning to a professional company that handles these jobs daily. You can provide them with special instructions, and you can schedule them to come at your convenience.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of using a service for your restaurant, are you ready to make the change?

How To Choose A Strata Service Company

Maintenance is an important part of owning and operating a strata property. If you want to keep your property looking its best so that it attracts great residents, you’ll need to have a reliable cleaning service on your side. Maybe you’re unsure of how to go about picking a strata service provider.

These general guidelines should help.


Checking Qualifications

In order to provide the level of service, you know your residents will expect you’ll need to have a service provider that’s both capable and trustworthy. These qualifications can be proven by potential candidates by requesting they provide the pertinent licences and certification. Check the credentials of any potential company carefully and verify with the relevant authorities that they’re in good standing.

Confirming a service company is properly insured is a vital part of the interview process, as well. Without proper insurance, they could leave you or your residents liable for any damage or injury incurred while their technicians are working on your property.

green-cleaning“Green” services are becoming increasingly popular with property owners and renters. If you’re trying to hire a ‘green’ company for your needs, this will likely present you with another set of qualifications that need to be verified. Confirm that the cleaners have all of the training and certification necessary to deliver environmentally-friendly services.

Reviewing Past Work

As with any service you hire, you’ll want to do everything you can to check up on the past performance of a company before entrusting them with your business. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do. Because cleaning publically-accessible spaces is an integral part of their work, you can easily visit current and former clients in person to see what sort of job the service does.

Don’t neglect the insights that you can glean from speaking to those clients directly, either! When it comes to vetting a company that will provide the essential maintenance tasks involved, you shouldn’t put your full faith in anonymous reviews you find online. Any good service that’s been operating in your community for any length of time should be able to furnish ample references that you can speak to first-hand.

And now for a humorous break in the Post. I hope you enjoy this: Company is Coming

Interviewing Candidates

The odds are very good that you can find more than one potential prospect in your community. Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a few prime candidates, you’ll want to make your final decision based on a face-to-face interview with one of the company’s representatives.

Have a thorough and detailed grasp of what your maintenance needs are before you start interviewing candidates. You’ll want to present each candidate with an identical description of the job at hand and compare responses. Direct interviews are the perfect time to explore a company’s ability to handle any special needs or concerns.

Picking out the perfect service provider to meet your needs is often a subjective choice. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little time to stack the odds in your favor. Expend the effort required before you make a selection. You’ll have a much better chance of picking out a terrific company the first time around.

Some Top Tips For Effective Stain Removal

Cleaning is a tiresome task, but scrubbing away grime and washing dishes are relatively easy to do. Vacuuming carpets and washing the shower are frustrating and tiring, but not particularly difficult. One cleaning task that can be daunting and irritating for almost all individuals is that of stain removal. The irritation lies in the fact that many stains are difficult to remove, and sometimes the attempt to remove the stain results in making the stain worse. This article will provide some tips on how to tackle this cleaning challenge and effectively remove stains.

1. Removing Blood With Water And Saliva


Blood stains are notorious for being one of the most challenging stains to remove. Irrespective of the type of produce used, it seems that blood stains will only become worse as you continue scrubbing. Furthermore, if the blood is not attended to almost immediately there is a great chance that the surface affected will be discolored permanently. One method to reverse this clotting and staining process is to dip the area in cold water. Cold water will rehydrate the blood and loosen its hold on the object. Once the stain is moist, it is possible to begin cleaning with the appropriate products.

Although saliva is generally not used as a cleaning agent, it can be highly beneficial for removing blood stains. By using the saliva of the person whose blood has caused the stain, it is possible to break the compounds in the blood and dissolve the liquid. It is important that the saliva used is from the person in question as it will contain the enzymes needed to deconstruct the chemical bonds within the blood. The simplest method to apply saliva is via a dry cloth inserted into the individual’s mouth, left for approximately ten minutes, and then used to blot out the stain.

2. Removing Lipstick With Hairspray

As useful as cosmetic products are, they can have a disastrous effect on clothes if they stain-removal-lipstickcome into contact with the item. Foundation or cover-up is an item that causes problems, but it is easily removed and rarely leaves severe stains. Lipstick, however, is another story altogether and can be disastrous when brought into contact with almost any object. One unlikely product that can be used to effectively remove a lipstick stain is hairspray. The chemical compounds within the hairspray are able to dissolve the lipstick and reduce its hold on the object. After spraying a thick coat on the lipstick, wash the stained area with soap and water. Place it in the laundry and after laundering, the stain should be removed.

3. Remove Ink Stains With Lemon Juice

Lemon-Juice-stain-removal-tipWhile ink stains are not as common as previous years, they are still experienced and can be difficult to remove. As with blood and lipstick, it often seems that the more rubbing you do the larger the stain becomes. An unlikely solution to ink stain removal is the use of lemon juice. By using a lemon juice paste with one part lemon juice and one part detergent, apply to the stain and leave for thirty minutes. This will allow the juice to draw out the ink and remove its hold on the object. After the thirty minutes, wash the item normally and dry. If the stain is still evident, repeat as necessary.

Here’s a quick video with another stain removal recipe you can use …

Come back soon for more tips and cleaning tricks that work!

Four Easy House Cleaning Tips

Is your house always a mess? Do you feel like there’s no way you can keep up with your duties? If so, you might be in need of some good advice. If you give these house cleaning tips a try, it will be much easier for you to keep your home in great shape.

7 Tips on a tidy Bathroom

Clean As You Go

As you’re going about your day, make a point of cleaning certain things up. Wipe down the bath after your children get out of the tub. Wipe the kitchen counters while you’re waiting for your water to boil. Always try to get some cleaning in while you’re carrying out other household tasks.

When you’ve already tackled some of it, the rest of it won’t be such a challenge. Do everything little by little. Once you get used to this strategy, you’ll find that you naturally do extra when you can.

Try 10 Minute Tidies

You don’t have to spend hours picking things up and cleaning things every day. Instead, you should try 10-minute tidies. When you have 10 minutes to spare, spend it picking up things around your home and putting them where they belong. Make as much progress as you can during that span of time.

One of the reasons a lot of people hate cleaning is the amount of time it takes. Instead of doing it all at once, you should split it up into 6 manageable chunks. You will get the same amount done, but it won’t feel like such a hassle.

Get The Right Tools

cleaning-caddyMake sure you have the proper tools to keep your home clean. Get a broom that can really pick up the dust and dirt on your floor. Don’t rely on paper towels to wipe down your counters. Get a quality soft micro fiber cloth instead.

When you have the proper tools, any task that you try to take on will be easier. You won’t struggle to scrape a stain away; you’ll be able to get rid of it in no time at all. If the tools and products you have on hand aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to invest in something else that does.

Hire A Service


If you can’t keep up with your duties because maybe you just don’t have the time, you should think about hiring a cleaning service. A professional cleaning crew will be able to help you get your home back into shape.

You don’t have to have cleaners come every week, although you certainly can if you like. You can hire them to come once a month, or even hire them for a single cleaning session. What matters is that you get your home clean. Once all of the mess is gone, it will be easier for you to keep your home from falling into disarray.

If you’re having trouble, you should make sure you try out these easy house cleaning tips. None of these tips are hard to implement; every one of them is incredibly simple. Once you start cleaning the right way, you will see the mess start to disappear.