Common Types of Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Specialized Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial properties, especially restaurants, call for specialized cleaning equipment in order to quickly and efficiently clean large spaces. With numerous types of cleaning equipment in the market, it is usually hard to know what to choose. This post looks at some of the common types of commercial cleaning tools along with their benefits.

Pressure Washers

These are machines that use high-powered steam of water to get rid of stains and dirt. They are especially ideal for cleaning concrete regions such as walls, patios, and walkways. They can ideally be used to clean cars, Lorries, and caravans. Pressure washers come in various shapes and sizes. They are additionally ideal for d-greasing commercial kitchens.


These are large machines with a rotatory sweeping head located underneath the front of the machine. A sweeper is controlled by a driver who sits on a commercial sweeper and use a driving wheel to steer the device. These are especially useful for cleaning vast outdoor areas like the pavement outside a huge commercial place or on roads.

Carpet Cleaners

These cleaners have the ability to remove stubborn stains from almost any carpet area. They are quite essential when it comes to cleaning as they are one of the best devices to remove hard to budge stains without the need to replace the carpets.


Scrubbers are designed to clean stains from hard floored regions. They are ideal for use in huge commercial buildings that have wood or marble flooring. They come in either sit on form or handheld form. The type to choose depends on the size of the region you need to clean.


A polisher is another essential equipment when it comes to commercial cleaning. A polisher is able to turn a dirty hard floor it a brand new in a timely fashion. Polishers are usually used in institutions such as universities, schools, museums and hospitals. Sit on polishers are perfect for larger spaces while handheld polishers are used on relatively small areas.

Vacuum Cleaners

As we all know, a vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt from both carpeted and hard floors. Commercial vacuum cleaners are usually more powerful than household vacuum cleaners. They are ideally packed with numerous features that allow you to reach and clean unreachable areas. There’s also wet vacuum cleaners that are used to suck up water. Others come with a dry and wet function to allow you to switch between your preferred modes easily.

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