Italian Restaurants That Rank Among the Best

Michellin star rating

Connoisseurs of good food know very well what it means to visit a restaurant accredited with Michellin stars.

The hallmark of fine dining and restaurants is reflected in the Michellin star rating.

These stars make it very easy for us to recognize the best in the trade today. The Michellin Guide’s star ratings are to food what Oscars are to movies. There’s not one restaurant that would risk losing the star ratings, as it can have significant impact on their business. Since the early 1900 Michellin, which is originally a tire company, has been reviewing restaurants. Today, it is the gold standard in fine dining.

In this post, I’ve used Michellin stars as guide to make a list of some famous restaurants in Italy.


Osteria Francescana

massimo-bottura-osteria-francescana-ranks-restaurantRanked No.2 among the Top 50 restaurants of the World in 2015, Osteria Francescana is a mystery to many. In a very short time it has earned three Michelin stars. If that is not enough, it has also been ranked as the best restaurant in Italy. This non-descript restaurant in Modena is serviced by Massimo Bottura, the wonder chef and culinary genius. People from the UK, Singapore, Chicago and Australia throng this restaurant that is rated higher than the best American restaurants.


Club Del Doge Restaurant

Terrace-restaurant-club-del-doge-italyThis is the place in Venice where people celebrate traditional Italian culinary. This is also the place that gives birth to new tradition.

The restaurant has a stunning location on the Grand Canal of Venice, and is the ultimate destination for culinary delight. Sitting on the terrace on the water front, it is wonderful place to enjoy the best of the traditional and innovative delicacies. The enchanting and exquisite food together with the ambience makes an unforgettable experience.


Da Vittorio

da-vittorio-restaurantWhen you visit Busaporto, make it a point to be at Da Vittorio Relais & Chateaux resort. More precisely, do not miss out on Da Vittorio restaurant.

Among its cuisine, langoustines from Mazara Del Vallo and meat from Piedmont should be on the must have list. It’s not a wish but it’s a desire that has to be fulfilled. Then only you would know why the restaurant has earned three stars from Michellin.


Combal Zero

combal-zero-restaurant-italyLocated in Rivoli, this two Michellin star restaurant ranks among the best in its own merit. Barbecue sweetbreads and squid Bolognese are innovative Piedmont cuisine that bears the marks of Chef David Scabine.

David loves to experiment with texture, ingredients and temperature, and these dishes are true examples of his culinary expertise. He excels in presenting closely resembling menus that spell totally different gastronomic experience.


Enoteca Pinchiorri

enoteca-pinchiorriThis restaurant in Florence is synonymous with a lady who has made it to the book of records.

Chef Annie Feolde is the first woman to ever win Michillin stars. She has won three stars for her innovative Italian cooking.

Pumpkin flowers, risotto of fregola, and a rack of lamb crusted with dry fruits are not to be missed!


There are many more that I could add to the list, but these are the very best that you must try first!

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